What we do


Needs to pop out and look real, all video media, animations are the most universal. XYZ Creative Group provides you with an abundance of 3D design services to utilize and incorporate into your work.

Digital Characters

Provide with a character you have in mind and our designers will imbue a soul into it, making it come alive just like the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio did, except we are the real life Blue Fairy.

Product Design

Do you want to provide audiences, investors, and clients with an early depiction of the product you imagined? Come to us so we can give your imagination a 3D touch. We can create a 3D model, animate it, and place it in a 3D environment.

Visual Effects (VFX)

They will add effects to the scene to provide realism. Once we have approval from our clients on the project, our designers will export the project on a format of a client’s choice.

Architectural Visualization

We can create the exterior and interior of your building project, adding decorations, structural elements, furniture, and landscaping such as plants and animals to it to give it a more “real” appearance. Our 3D designers can create a model using blueprints, pictures, your descriptions, and even reconstruct existing buildings.

TV & Web Commercials

We can animate your commercial advertisement to increase its appeal with audiences. Provide us with a concept, characters, and environment, and we will give you a spectacular finished product.

Modeling & Rendering

Our 3D design experts will give characters and objects physical dimensions to ensure consistency in behavior and appearance amongst all models.


Lastly, designers will use a skeleton to add realistic movement to the object, ensuring each part moves in relation with others.


Next, designers will give the character or object the texturing treatment, changing it from a monochrome object into an object with shading and colors.


Our designers will work on bringing the 3D figures together within a 3D platform

When you hire XYZ Creative Group, you get experienced and dedicated 3D designers, a timely turnaround, in-house completion, and a high-quality project. We work with high-powered computers using the latest software to cut down on the time it takes to complete a project. In short, you get a 3D animation or model that will prove the creative abilities of our designers.

If we don’t make a loyal customer out of you, we’re not doing our job right. Contact us to discuss the details of your project.

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