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Interactive Product Visualization - What You Need to Know

Technology has ushered in an era of disruptive innovation. With the rise of the internet, businesses have started to prefer digital marketing over conventional methods of advertisement. A growing number of businesses now rely on their websites to showcase their products to their target market and engage customers more effectively.

As a result, interactive product visualization has become a critical part of any website. Interactive product visualization enables manufacturers and retailers to stand out from their competition and create a memorable experience for their online customers.

In this article, we will discuss what is interactive product visualization and explore its benefits for online businesses.


What Is Interactive Product Visualization?

Interactive product visualization (popularly known as 3D product rendering), is the process of using rendered images and artwork to advertise your products to customers. One popular way of implementing interactive product visualization is using it on your e-commerce website to display your top products. Interative product visualization allows customers to view the product in detail before they order it online.

Benefits of Interactive Product Visualization

One of the main reasons why interactive product visualization is important is that it helps customers to observe key features of the product before they buy it. With the help of product visualization, the customer goes through a unique product journey. Therefore, the likelihood of these customers purchasing those products is higher than usual. Here is a list of key benefits of interactive product visualization.

Data Collection and Intelligence

Interactive product visualization can be a useful tool for analyzing user behavior. By collecting data on users interacting with the 3D-rendered images of products, we can gain valuable insights into what customers like. At the same time, we can also determine which physical features of the product people like the most by gathering information about which parts of the product are clicked most.


Increase Product Engagement and Conversion

In 2005, IKEA decided to use 3D rendering for their product catalogs and website instead of using real photos. As a result, nowadays, around 75% of images published by IKEA are 3D product renderings.

After their adoption of 3D rendered images, the sales of their overall products had more than doubled from $14.8 billion in 2005 to $33.8 billion in 2015. Due to the effectiveness of 3D rendered images, Amazon also launched 360° spin images in 2018 to boost their product listings.

Lower Costs

In terms of cost, interactive product visualization has a significant advantage over photo shoots. Since you no longer need to create prototypes, the process of creating rendered images for your catalog and website is not only simpler but also faster and more cost-effective. Creating a digital 3D model of products costs significantly less than physical photo shoots.

Manipulate Product Design Easily

In case companies need to make changes to their product, they have to reshoot them. Having to reshoot products is not only extremely expensive but can also cause delays in the product launch. On the other hand, interactive product visualization makes it easier for businesses to manipulate the design of their products.

Interactive product visualization is an excellent technique for showcasing your products on your website. It helps the business improve engagement and drive higher revenues from your website. To learn more about our 3D product rendering services, feel free to visit our website.

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