Top 3D Graphic Design Trends of 2020

Despite all the ruckus this year, 2020 is an exciting time for the world of 3D graphic design. In this post, we have briefly captured some of the major 3D graphical design trends of 2020. So, let’s jump in!

Muted Color Palettes

In the past few years, we have seen brands go for loud, punchy and vibrant colors to differentiate themselves from customers. But this year, we see more and more designers and brands moving from vivid tones to natural and muted color palettes.

Perhaps this shift has been driven by the ecologically conscious younger generation which is more mindful about their health and environment. Or it could just be the fact that cool, muted and earthy colors are much easier on the eyes.

Muted colors are achieved by slight desaturation from injecting some white, black or a lighter complimentary color into the palette.

3D Texturing

Since 2019, 3D texturing has seen a surge. And 2020 is going to be no different when it comes to incorporating realistic and natural textures. Currently, it seems that the sky is the limit, with endless possibilities, combinations and compositions.

Striking textural designs include food-based products, clothing and fabrics, liquid and a wider variety of other options that imaginative designers can think up.

Want to see a yummy, drippy sundae that reminds you of the beach from childhood? You got it! Care for some fuzzy, cozy-looking, wooly fabrics? Go ahead!

As an artform, textural design is sure to grow and become an eye-catching feature of 3D designs well into the future.

Color Gradients

For three years in a row, color gradience has dominated the graphic design world as a major mainstay feature.

After the nostalgic, retro comebacks from yesteryears, color gradient designs come as a pleasant surprise. Companies from LinkedIn and Twitter to Inc. and Grammarly have used color gradience in their designs for some punchy vibrance and cool visuals.

Color filters have also been used over existing images to add a bit of panache. Color gradience can even be used with a muted color palette, as seen on the Apple Cards.

Color gradience doesn’t seem to be going away either, but designers can aim to be creative in the way they apply it.

3D Typography

In past years, bold and big typeface has been favored by many companies and designers. This year, however, the repetitiveness of bold-face has been replaced with innovative 3D typography.

Though 3D typography isn’t a new thing, it has seen a resurgence due to the popular “36 Days of Type” project. Now, many campaigns are using 3D typography, which may include letters built from blocks or machine parts etc.

Designers can use 3D typographic effects to create the impression of text jumping off the screen. Literally anything is possible! So, this is surely going to be a medium which will see endless creativity during the year and beyond.

These are some of the major, top 3D graphic design trends for 2020… so far. As the year has been incredibly surprising and disruptive, we may just see more innovative trends creeping up before the year is over.

If you want to employ some of these in-vogue trends for your marketing campaign and branding, be sure to check out our work at XYZ Creative Group and schedule a meeting!

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