Famous Examples of 3D Animation Services in Branding

3D animation has been used in branding for a long time. But in recent years, we have come to see a boom in the area. Increasingly, brands are relying on state-of-the-art innovations in graphic design as well as retro blast-from-the-past methods.

We have compiled here a list of famous examples of 3D animation services in branding. Take a look at these for some inspiration for your next advert!

Nike – “The Last Game”

Nike’s 2014 World Cup promo is a high-powered short film which displays complex cityscapes, happening streets, and crowded stadiums. Not to mention the animation of the football stars like Zlatan Ibrahimović and legends like Ronaldo.

Nike aced its FIFA World Cup promo with a memorable and riveting, “underdogs vs. evil corporation” storyline.

Honda – “Paper”

Most ideas at Honda begin with a simple sketch on paper. Honda decided to represent this with a stop-motion animation featuring paper as the main medium.

The animated advert showcases Honda’s rich automotive history with sound effects that accompany a create flip-book style animation. The hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations were made after the concept was tested with computer graphics.

Needless to say, the ad gives the feeling of hard work and passion that Honda presents in its 60-years-long history.

Heinz – “A Can Size for Every Aussie”

This wonderful little ad is a remarkable feat of both animation and storytelling. It weaves a tale of true passion for innovation with cute and warming animated characters to showcase Heinz and its canned beans in tomato sauce.


This will surely be an inspiring one for graphic designers. The details in the animation are mind-blowing, from reflections in glass windows and picture frame to depth-creating shadows and textures.


Heinz has really hit the ball out of the park with this one and it might just go down in the ‘3D animation in advertising’ hall of fame.

Microsoft – “Hybrid cloud flexibility”

Microsoft has used this nice, clean and short ad to inform users about its hybrid cloud technology and services. Microsoft has kept things as simple as possible – as cloud computing can definitely leave many scratching their heads.

The company has used a consistent iconography with uniform graphics to represent their ideas without infusing any distractions. The color palette has also been kept to simple blues to keep things clean.

The video showcases how you can be straight and to-the-point and still deliver an effective advert to customers, even if your product or service is technical or complex.

Lyft – “Origin Story”

The animated short story features the tale of two imaginative and proactive thinkers who grow up to make a change and work on their beliefs. They combine their ideas of environmental protection and bringing people together to create ride-sharing service called Lyft.

You guessed it; it’s the origin story for Lyft and its two founders. The animation beautifully accompanies the compelling and earnest story. The voice-over is sharp, witty and humorous.

All in all, the ad encourages the audience to be forward-thinking and figure out new ways to improve the world that we live in.

So, was that enough creative inspiration for you or what? 3D animation services for branding can help you create impactful, striking adverts that are sure to leave an impression.

If you want to develop a great branding campaign with some cool, 3D-animated adverts, schedule a meeting with us at XYZ Creative Group. Let’s infuse some eye-catching appeal to your products or services!


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