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5 ways through which animations can be used by businesses

Video animation isn't reserved for animated movies or 3D gaming. In fact, it can serve as an effective means of digital marketing strategy for businesses. The importance of content marketing knows no bounds given that more and more customers are demanding highly interactive and engaging media to be informed about latest product releases and solutions to their product queries.

Video animation, in this regard, is particular useful in driving higher customer engagement and brand loyalty. More importantly, it can be used to give a personality to your brand offering, through which customers can relate to your values and concepts a lot more easily. Here are 5 ways animations can be utilized for business use.

Showcase company history

Animations offer a great way to introduce a company or brand to an audience. Depending on whether the company enters a new market or launches a new product, a short 3D character animation about the company's history, founding members, and its values and traditions can offer customers a rich source of information through which they can form good first impressions. This will be useful in enlarging the customer base and driving higher brand loyalty.

Provide solutions to customer issues

When firms are operating in a fiercely competitive industry, it is not enough for them to simply launch the product and recommend the customer to buy from them. Instead, they need to be shown how the product is functional and how does it help solve the day to day problems of users. Mobile phone manufacturers use animations for this purpose the most.
Through quality 3D character animations, they can inform users of how their product stands out from the competition due to a variety of factors. Also, they can create an animation designed to reflect particular emotions, such as joy, happiness, and excitement to create desire for the product.

Add personality to the brand

Brand building is an excruciatingly difficult process that takes years to master and perfect. It involves configuring the right mix of functional or intellectual, emotional, and social elements to tailor the brand to the right target audience. This is difficult to accomplish with marketing methods, such as written SEO and PPC. Animations, on the other hand, can communicate the values of the brand in a far more effective manner than, say, blogs or website marketing.

Entertain audiences

There is no doubt that people find it easier to sit through a short animation to understand the benefits of a product than by reading a boring essay on the same topic. More or less, customers have shorter attention spans than they used to in the past. Animations, therefore, can captivate audiences and engage them to increase conversions and sales revenue growth.

Good for storytelling

One of the approaches to marketing is that of storytelling. Brands often produce ads that convey a particular meaning using one or more characters, which is tagged to their brand. Sensory input through imagery and videos is useful for instilling an important message, which is embedded in the minds of customers for a lot longer.

Animations, therefore, provide a useful way of communicating stories to audiences unlike other methods.

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