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3D Product Design: A Way to Gauge Audience Response Before the Actual Launch

Launching a new product is always a nerve-wracking prospect for any company irrespective of the time it has spent in the market. Every new product adds to the brand identity of a company, not to mention the additional revenue stream it creates. However, this only happens when a product is successfully launched while getting the required response from the audience. A product failure, on the other hand, acts as a counterproductive blow that sometimes also causes irreversible damages.

This is the reason why companies remain extra diligent during the pre-launch phase of a product. Here, we will discuss how 3D product designs can help companies during the time leading to the actual launch, particularly in terms of getting target market’s feedback.

Reaching Out to Maximum Number of People in Lesser Time to Get the Most Honest Feedback

Having focus groups is a standard way to assess how a product will be received by the larger base of the consumers. This is certainly an effective method to get an idea regarding the reaction of the target market.  Having said that, a focus group has its limitations. To begin with, a focus group always consists of a handful of people in comparison to the actual market. Secondly, many people restrain themselves with their answers/feedback to a certain extent while participating in a focus group.

In contrast, a 3D product design allows you to virtually use all of your target market as your focus group. You can show the 3D-rendered model of your product across different platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Here, you will get the true, earnest and honest feedback from consumers within a couple of days.

It is important to mention here that to do such a massive pre-launch exercise, you will need to work with 3D experts that can illustrate your product design in the best possible manner. Otherwise, all this effort will render useless.

You Can Identify Niches for Different Product Variants

3D rendering and illustration let you imagine your product in different styles, and colors. So, if you are working with a host of product designs and couldn’t settle on a set to move forward with, you can use 3D product designs. With 3D rendering and animation, you will be able to have all those numerous variants in their most realistic representations.

You can get customers’ feedback on all these options to shortlist the designs that are well-liked by customers. This can also help you in branching out your product in different niches.

You Will Find Out “What Not to Do”

A good 3D illustration that encapsulates all the design detail of a product can also give you a heads-up about the innovation and experiments you should not try again. The online audience leaves the most honest and often brutal reviews that will help you in putting up the not-to-do-list regarding your next product.

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