3D Product Manufacturing Processes

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Why Is 3D Product Design Important in Product Manufacturing?

Animation technology is important, but even more so for the manufacturing sector. Utilizing 3D product design in product manufacturing can give companies an edge in project designs, planning, and cost saving. Here are some reasons you may want to adopt manufacturing design software before the production process.

Prototypes for the Customer

Through detailing, shadowing, and lighting, designers can create photorealistic images of your product. Be it parts of a machine or customized furniture. The customer can see and zoom in to see any detail of the picture. Since there is no limit to the angles, customers can interact easily and see exactly what they can expect a product to look like.

The customer can point out any errors. The specifics of what changes to make and where to improve the design is much more precise and quicker.


For product manufacturing companies, photoshoots of every part and size can be long and exhausting. Manufacturing design software allow designers to add corrections and take photos from multiple angles. From elevation angles to space requirements, the changes are efficient and easy to make.

Minute changes can be made quickly, which is less time-consuming than a photoshoot that can take hours and requires new sets and props. Sales, marketing, and research teams can quickly provide feedback during product design, and the designer can enhance things like metal shine or texture.

Accurate to the Inch

Physical properties of products, such as their length and width, can be accurately added to the product design model. These real-life proportions can make it easier to imagine the product.

Manufacturing design software can create a virtual setting for the product and match it with product size or style. This is much easier than moving around items and creating scene sets, wondering how an item will fit into a room, etc. The accuracy will help in making design and buying decisions.

Reduction in Time and Waste

The end-user of the design can point out errors in the initial stages and save costly production. Scrap and waste of inventory and materials can be minimized as the measurements and the machining process is accurate and revised by the end-user. Adjustments are made from the start as the process involves all stakeholders.

All the designs are saved in a virtual library, which reduces space costs compared to physical prototypes of rejected designs. These can be used for marketing or redesign purposes later.

Product Development Cycle

Having a 3D product design before manufacturing is an essential part of the product development cycle. Through streamlining this process, the chances of error are minimized. You can prioritize standardization and design simplicity. Communication is also quicker as the design is easy to send to the whole team rather than calling each one individually.

Product design has many vivid possibilities, from product animation for marketing campaigns to 360-degree views for interacting with consumers. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and beneficial investment as a manufacturing company, XYZ Creative Group can help you out!

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