3D Modeling in Advertising is changing the way Marketing is Done

by norm on Oct 3, 2017 Categories: 3d modeling in advertising, 3d for advertising (5593 Views)

Marketing efforts simply cannot do without 3D modeling in advertising. Almost every brand, big or small has creative and innovative 3D designers at the back end coming up with visual effects in 3D for advertising. It is necessary for marketers to make their products and services look as attractive as possible. It is their job to bring them up to the surface level in the minds of their consumers. 3D modeling plays a large role in that.

What good is 3D modeling?

Everything that animations used in their advertisements for popular brands -- the product shots as well as designs themselves -- use 3D modeling. Assume that you need a final product to sell. You get a graphics designer for coming up with that. Instead of just offering boring pictures of products, you can view lifelike models of the finalized product using 3D modeling for advertising.

You get a more complete picture of the product while it is still in progress. Due to the number of software at the designers’ disposal, the production process can be speeded up and streamlined at the same time. Extra costs can be cut without the need for cutting corners. This can save tremendous time, money and efforts in coming up with a product.

The struggle for designers is real because they visualize a product in their head, but communication may be difficult without 3D for advertising. By using 3D modeling for advertising, the designer can effectively show what they had in mind for the product --  in the form of 3D pictures and animation –to managers, engineers and developers.

The same can be true for the clients. They don’t need to spend time visualizing the finished product. They can see their product taking shape, and in action, even before it is complete.

Watch your products come to life

With the number of software available to designing firms, you don’t have to worry about getting your product out. You can see the finished form of the product using AR and VR technology. Designers can make something that looks like the finished product and show it to the companies they are designing those products for. This allows for immediate feedback on the product so it can be changed according to the customer’s needs.

Using 3D for advertising, the computer generated 3D designs can be animated and brought to life virtually. Even if there are mistakes made in 3D models for advertising, they can be altered to give astonishing results. Just take the example of cars. Using 3D for advertising, high end sports cars can be displayed in a variety of colors. They can be animated to show how they would look like on the road.

Most ads that you see on TV or on your mobile phone devices utilize 3D for advertising. How else can you explain the inner workings of the car’s engine come to life with the flowing of pistons and engine fluids transitioning smoothly to a majestic sports car tearing up the tarmac? That’s the beauty of 3D modeling in advertising.

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