3D Animation For Short Film

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3D Animation: The Best Way to Shoot Your Short Film

Are you a film student who is going to make their first short film/movie? If you are still on the storyboard or scripting phase and mulling over the options about getting it on the reel, then we would like to make one suggestion: make a 3D-animated short film. If your project is about storytelling, story-writing, scripting, and doesn’t require you to show the expertise of camera, then 3D animation is the best way to put the visual attire on your story.

These are some of the reasons why 3D animation is the best way to “shoot” your short film.

You Can Bring Any Insight/Concept to Life

This is the first and foremost benefit of using 3D animation to do your short films. A film student or even a group of individuals doesn’t have the resources of big studios to work on all sorts of scripts while fulfilling their visual requirements. Many students don’t foray into the genre of sci-fi, fantasy, and magical realism because they know that they won’t be able to pull off the visual depiction of their stories.

3D animation allows you to run wild with your imagination. You can have the most outlandish of ideas and concepts rendered in visual representation via 3D animation. You will need to work with an experienced 3D animator to breathe life into your scripts. A good 3D animator makes sure you can get the most realistic illustration of your fictional, fantasy-ridden story/script.

The Budget Will Remain in Check

Going for a conventional film shoot needs a considerable amount of resources. Many times the budget of a project goes out of hand because of the list of operational and logistical variables attached to the hands-on film-making. You don’t face such constraints and monetary blackholes when you use 3D animation for your short film. With 3D animation, you know the amount of money you will need to funnel in from day one.

Meeting Deadlines Become Easy

Whether it is an art school project or a competition, you’re probably treading a tightrope of deadlines while making a short film. As mentioned earlier, the operational and logistical lags many times make it harder to complete the project within the prescribed time. In addition, a typical film-making entails a very detailed post-production process that pushes the project completion a bit further.  In contrast, seasoned 3D animators and illustrators work in a streamlined manner. They will deliver you the segments of work as per the promised timeline.

You Can Use Sound Design to a Better Effect

In a 3D-animated short film, you get more room to play with the sound design of your project. For instance, narration in an animated movie works very well to push the story forward and create an emotional link with the audience. Similarly, you have more music/soundtrack options for complementing the visuals of your movie.

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