2D Animation vs. 3D Animation: Which Is Better?

In this ambiguous and ever-changing world, animation is undeniably a powerful tool. It is highly emotive, and can be used to communicate ideas to keep audiences engaged for a long time. So, whether you intend to educate, promote, or entertain 

it is an excellent way to use animation services to your advantage.


As the animation industry advances, so does its offerings. Today, you will find numerous types of animation services available out there, however, 2D animation and 3D animation services are by far the most popular. In this blog post, we’ll discuss

the leading characteristics of both to help you determine which one is best suited for your business.


2D Animation vs. 3D Animation

Here are all the important features you should know about regarding 2D animation and 3D animation to make an informed and lucrative decision:


2D Animation

3D Animation

Refers to two-dimensional animations, for e.g. drawing on a paper.

Refers to three-dimensional animations, for e.g.a physical object

These are all about ‘frame.

These are all about ‘movement.’



These feature objects/characters visualized by width (Y-axis) and height(X- axis) alone.

These comprise a third dimension i.e. depth; allowing characters to look significantly more realistic than 2D outcomes.

They use a simple format and are generally a cost-effective alternative to 3D animation services.

They’re considerably more complex and thus require more money, time and even professional animation services to develop.

Traditionally, 2D animations were drawn. Each movement was drawn frame by frame (called cell animation technique). However, recent 2D animations are generate using special computer software.

Motion picture technique was one of the earlier approaches used for 3D animation. But, today, specialized computer software aids talented animators on 3D projects. The process typically consists of several steps like modelling, rendering, texturing, rigging, lighting, etc.

2D animations are typically not suitable for complex or conceptual ideas as they’re difficult to display through this medium.

Since objects can be viewed at depth,3D animations are more suitable for portraying complex and conceptual products/services/processes.

2D animations are commonly used in cartoons, adverts, whiteboard animations, films, websites, e-learning courses, etc.

These are widely used in films, games and within a range of industries, such as aerospace, medicine, architecture, products, biotechnology, energy and engineering, etc. 


Closing Note

At XYZ Creative Group, we understand that businesses mostly function on tight deadlines, thus we offer swift and cost-effective animation services. With years of industry experience under our belt and edge in the animation market, we provide highly accurate and efficient animation services, and assist clients in bringing their animation dreams to life.


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