Why you need 3D Product Design

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Why 3D Product Design Is a Must

Presenting a product in 3D is the new way to introduce your product idea and has been readily accepted as a powerful tool. It provides an effective alternative to those lengthy presentations that were required to pitch an original idea to potential customers or investors. Furthermore, it allows for quick changes, both major or minor, to be made as and when required.

Besides, it can be an absolute godsend for the marketing and advertising teams as 3D models can be animated to highlight the best features and capabilities of the products that will resonate with the consumer.  The ability to design in 3D has a list of benefits for businesses. Some of those game-changing benefits are explained below.


3D models are increasingly being utilized when it comes to creating a prototype. This allows a thorough evaluation of a design concept, manufacturing costs, and other details. The 3D design affords a great deal of flexibility. It can be created using a hand-drawn image, a 2D sketch, or even out of nothing but a concept or an idea of a product. This allows the designer to conveniently conceive a product design and fine tune it along the way as and when required. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to make multiple sketches to capture different dimensions of the product.

Precise Measurements

The latest 3D modeling and designing capabilities allow a useful representation of the product size relative to other identified objects. This provides everyone, from the engineering and development team to the potential consumer, with a real scale to accurately gauge what the final product will look like.

All-Round View

A holistic, 360-degree view of the product design allows a comprehensive look into the product from every angle. This lays even the smallest details bare, which helps the business across all the stages of production, from prototyping to packaging and advertising. A 3D design allows viewers to zoom in on the smallest detail, rotate the product and examine it from several elevations. The all-round view afforded by the 3D design allows the designers to examine everything that they couldn’t possibly do using a 2D product design.

Promotion and Marketing

For the promotion department, 3D product design is a powerful tool. Photo-realistic 3D models can be easily incorporated into almost all the promotion and marketing tools, from TV commercials to social media content. Businesses, both large and small, are already benefitting from the technology. 3D modeling optimizes the promotional team’s arsenal. It allows the 3D model to can be animated and used across the promotional landscape in interactive advertisements to engage potential customers in effective ways. They can rotate, disassemble, and even re-assemble the product as long as the designer has given them the ability to do so. Thus the best features can be highlighted to a potential customer.

 To sum up, 3D product design has a number of useful applications that make it a powerful tool and a must-have for businesses today. If your business wants to benefit from this useful tool anywhere along the value chain, xyz creative group provides impeccable services in the field.

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