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by Norman on Mar 1, 2016 (37728 Views)

Why Architects Should Hire a 3D Design Visualization Studio to Display Their Creations?

Do you want to impress your clients with design? In your heart, you know that you are not the only architect the client has asked to see. Most probably, the clients will see the design of several architects, and then decide which one they like best.

You want your design to stand out. In order to be picked as the client's favorite architect, you need to join forces with a 3D design visualization studio. You need to work together with the studio to create a 3D presentation of the building you want to show the client.

Why should you do that? That's what we are going to look at now. Here is a list of reasons why you, the architect, and the 3D design visualization studio need to become one:

1. Comprehending All the Angles of a 2D Floor Plan is Difficult

When you present your client with a 2D floor plan, they will not be able to understand the floor plan. They will not be able to visualize the design. You may tell them about each aspect of it in detail, but having something in front of you to look at creates an entirely different impact on the client. A 3D design will allow your client to get a precise visual of each room of the building, from the exterior to the interior.

2. Easy to Change to Design of the Building in 3D

Each meeting you have with your client, they may want to modify a certain area of the building. If a design changed during the meeting, you will be able to make changes to the model right there and then rather than later, which is something you cannot do with a 2D model, at least not this quickly. This will save both you and your client time.

3. Increases Your Chances of Getting Your Design Approved

If you are presenting your 3D model of a building to review boards, you will increase your chances of getting your design approved. The 3D model of a building will allow them to see the building as it would look like when it is completed. When you are hiring a 3D design and visualization studio, they will create detailed rendering of your vision. If you compare an architect showing the board a 2D model and the other a 3D model, who do you think they pick?

4. Decrease Your Costs and Save Time

The construction company in charge of designing the building will need to understand your design. With a 2D structure, chances of making a mistake in the measurements of a room are high. If the contractors have a 3D model to look at, the chances of making mistakes during the construction process decrease, thus saving you time as well as money.

5. Increases Your Chances of Being Hired Again

Most clients look for architects who use the latest technology to display their designs. The best way to do that is to hire a 3D design visualization studio to work alongside you.
Architects can benefit from hiring a studio with knowledge on creating 3D designs, as it will increase their chances of getting a call back.

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