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3 Reasons Why Whiteboard Video Production is so Effective as an Advertisement Tool

You may have seen videos popping all over the internet; they are nothing more than a simple series of animations and a voice-over to back it up. Using a whiteboard video production service, you can also get the above kind of video made. There is an undeniable presence of these videos in today’s marketing landscape, especially on the internet, and they are useful in promoting a new product or service, both for B2B and B2C businesses. Online brands employ the use of a whiteboard video production service and these explainer videos are one of their go to choices.


Why are these kind of videos so popular? They’re excellent as a marketing tool for a new idea and we’ll tell you how it became so.

1.    Telling a Pretty Convincing Story

Do you remember when you were a kid and had whiteboards and blackboards where teachers would instruct you. This was effective back in the day as well as it is now. You can’t help but feel nostalgic as the whiteboard video production service tells you more about a new product or concept. Aside from that nostalgia, you see a new idea unfurl in front of your eyes, with new features and benefits.

The feeling of anticipation as one idea jumps from another in this sort of video makes it feel more thought provoking, allowing the viewer to stick around with anticipation. This is one of the many advantages that are created by the explainer animated video. To bring out this effect, the whiteboard video production service needs to be well aware of what it’s doing.

2.    The Power to Educate

One of the other advantages to the whiteboard product animations is that they help with the recall of the video and the product. This is done through the use of a whiteboard. There is a subconscious trigger that takes viewers back to their golden school days when a professor or instructor would explain a lecture.

If a whiteboard video production service does its job well, the viewer will be predisposed to believe that they are getting an elaborate explanation from a “teacher” (voiceover artist and drawing hand) about a product and will thus be intrigued to watch further.

The engaging nature of these videos goes in line with the principle that videos should offer education and entertainment value to the viewer. This is despite statistics showing that the average attention span for humans is less than the average 9 seconds for goldfish.

Explaining complex concepts, ideas or products such as a new medicine or a new software is better when the animation style keeps the viewer engaged and motivated to learn despite the higher run time of the video.

3.    Addition of Characters to keep Viewers Engaged

A whiteboard video production service may add an animated character to these kinds of videos while another may not. It all depends on how effective and fruitful the addition is. They are usually added to attach a human element to the underlying product being advertised. Plus, it’s more fun to watch an animated character using a certain product in daily life than look at still drawings.

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