The top 3D Printed Products

by norm on May 25, 2017 (238 Views)

The Top 5 3D Printed Products That You Must Know about

Knowledge regarding 3D printing business and additive manufacturing is spreading very rapidly worldwide. The technology has sped through its 30-year long deceptive phase and is set to disrupt the trillion-dollar manufacturing industry worldwide. No wonder, people from around the world are taking keen interest in this highly innovated technology providing numerous benefits to the consumers. The best part about this invention and technology is that soon people will not have to go through the headache of shipping stuff from one place to another in this world. Rather they receive customized products locally. 

This novel technology operates by utilizing special materials to produce solid 3D items, one layer at a time.  Such items fall into various categories including science, fashion, medicine and healthcare, culinary arts, entertainment, education, automobile, etc. Soon, the entire manufacturing industry will be applying 3D printing technology to attain numerous benefits with respect to time, cost, and design.

Here is the list of 5 top items which are currently being produced using 3D printing:

1.    Human body components

Humans were generally known to be treated only by medicine professionals; however, in today’s world it is through archaeological sciences that humans are getting to revive their life. Remarkably, scientists are manufacturing with the help of 3D technology such body parts for humans that are less invasive and are less susceptible to deterioration. British lady has got her jaw transplanted using a 3D printed jaw. 

2.    Automobiles

Imagining a car produced using 3D printers is very difficult. Nonetheless, the times have changed drastically. Yes! The vehicle which is famous for being one of the topmost 3D printed products is Urbee. Amazingly, Urbee has improved fuel efficiency, low-maintenance expenditure, and safety.

3.    Smartphone Cases and Covers

The craze of cool and trendy phone covers can be observed everywhere. This craze of getting unique mobile covers for their mobiles has blossomed into a market niche of its own . Any wonder that in the consumer market, unique, personalized phone covers have become one of the top products to be produced in bulk by 3D printing?

Interestingly, SaGa, a famous designing company has formulated an iPhone case which turns Siri who is a personal assistant into a horrific face. That popping out horrific face does not allow iPhone users to keep their phone into their pockets, nevertheless, the fun involved in 3D printed cover is greater.  


4.    Home Equipment

Benefits of recycling are taught since we step into the school. A Dutch student, Dirk Vander Kooij has received several awards for making furnishing items utilizing old refrigerator. 3D printers have made a great contribution in it by helping to manufacture new customized furniture using material from old ones.

5.    Toys

Remember, many a times when our neighbor bought the same toy as us, how bad we used to feel? It is human nature to want unique things or the best thing in the world which is not accessible to others. 3D printers are a fabulous blessing for today’s kids. They can order personalized toys and download their favorite design and eventually get it printed. Spiked dice and ModiBots are the amazing examples of 3D printed toys.  

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