The Progress 3D Tech

by Norman on Feb 13, 2017 (5376 Views)

The Progress 3D Tech Has Made in the Video Game industry

When comparing the video game industry with how it was then and how it is now, the change and progress the video game industry has made is just remarkable. The video game industry has come a long way since then and that is partly thanks to the introduction of 3D tech.

The video game industry always had the ambition and the drive to use the advancements and progress made in technology to give gamers visually stunning and realistic game play. For game developers, 3D tech has been a blessing in disguise. It has allowed them to think out of the box and come up with different ways to integrate 3D tech into video games.

The Domination of 3D Tech

The introduction and popularity of 3D tech has influenced game developers to adopt 3D tech, using it to create their video games. One of the reasons why 3D tech has dominated the video game industry is due to its ability to offer gamers realistic depth perception. In the video game industry, 3D tech has affected the process of designing video games with more and more game developers looking to 3D tech to make an impact of their own in the video game.

The Video Game Consoles that Have Developed 3D Games

Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation are amongst the three popular and well-known video game consoles that are developing video games with 3D elements as well as developing 3D games such as Sonic, Tomb Raider, Doom, and Battlefield.

However, before these video game consoles began to create 3D games, the video game console Nintendo had already began to dabble in 3D tech, releasing their handheld device in 2011. Users brought the latest Nintendo's console and its 3DS handheld gaming device together, thus earning the video game console a lot of revenue.

What Type of 3D Tech Are Video game consoles Using?

3D Nvidia Vision is a stereoscopic kit that comes with a shutter device and software to convert the video game into 3D. Presently, the 3D Nvidia Vision is recognized as the most commonly used 3D tech being sold right now.

Each year, the 3D system goes through various improvements, making it better and better each year. In addition to video games adopting 3D tech, the gambling industry online can also be seen taking advantage of 3D tech.

How the Gambling Industry Online is Benefitting from the Use of 3D Tech?

The gambling industry online has become extremely popular over the years and even they want to enrich users game play online by incorporating 3D tech. Most gaming operators online have began to offer their guests with 3D live dealers and they have even made it possible for their guests to manipulate their avatar's reactions and movements. The integration of 3D tech has allowed them to give their guests an engaging, interactive, and realistic experience playing gambling online. This has also increased the number of users on sites that offer people around the world with several games online.

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