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by Norman on Nov 11, 2016 (15162 Views)

Popular Advertising Campaigns that Featured a Realistic Cartoon Character

Advertising campaigns now more than ever are featuring realistic cartoon characters. The animated cartoons characters, whether in animal, human, or in monster form, are visually appealing. They play an important part in ensuring the ad makes an impact on the viewers and especially its target audience. We have compiled the following list of popular advertising campaigns, featuring a type of realistic cartoon character:

1. Penguin Books

When Penguin Books promoted their audio books, they came up with an amazing idea for their print advertising campaign. Their print ad campaign featured illustrations of three popular authors, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, and Oscar Wilde. They represented headphones and were seen whispering the listeners' ears. The advertising campaign won the Gold Press Lion award at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

2. Duracell

Another brilliantly concocted print advertising campaign was from Duracell. Even though the company's advertisement gave viewers the chills, it was still remarkably brilliant. The advertisements featured a scary looking doll, standing in the doorway of a young girl's room and staring at her as she played with tea party with another doll. The tagline of the advertisement was equally terrifying --- Some toys never die! It was both a scary and intelligent technique to promote long-lasting batteries.

3. Velo Marathon

Velo Marathon designed the amazing print advertisement campaign, which showed the gears of a bicycle. The tagline of the advertising campaign was Move the City. The Velo Marathon occurs yearly and attracts more than 10,000 cyclists. In the print ad, the gears featured people, trees, traffic signs, buildings, and a person riding a bike.

4. Sanccob

The advertisement took its inspiration for the acclaimed graphic artist M.C. Escher. The advertisement featured stunning optional illusions. The company joined forces with Bittersuite, an advertising agency in South Africa, to spread awareness about a dying species of penguins. The illusion forces the viewer to come in for a closer look to see the message while another of their advertisements featured a timeline of penguins and their decline.

5. Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF)

The Ottawa International Animation Festival featured cartoon-style animation and graphics. They published five print advertisement campasigns. Each print ad campaign featured a stunning drawing and a tagline Get in touch with your inner child. Even though some of the illustrations contain a mature element about them, they maintain an enjoyable and tongue-in-cheek aspect about them. Through the advertisement campaign, they wanted to encourage people who love animation to dig deep to discover the child hiding inside them.

6. Baruel Foot Deodorant

The Baruel Foot Deodorant is an intelligently conceptualized print advertising campaign. In the advertisements, a person's feet are controlling the female and male puppets. Since the produced bring marketed is a foot deodorant, it kind of makes sense. The main idea of the series was to show people being let go and dumped.
Have you seen any of the aforementioned ads? If not, you should look them up and many others that have used realistic cartoon characters to portray their message and promote their brand.

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