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How 3D Product Visualization Helps with Prototypes and Other Products

3D product visualization is certainly not a new concept. It has been continually improved upon in the past and allows you to see what finished products will look like before any of the actual building work starts.

It’s an exciting aspect to be able to see a finished product in action even before it’s actually created but 3D product visualization makes it possible.

Here’s how 3D Product Visualization Helps with Prototypes of Products.

1.    Helps to Minimize the Actual Manufacturing Costs of the Product

When you have to build a prototype from scratch, it can be a hassle to figure out and work around the kinks and problems in making the prototype.

The most relevant example that comes to mind is that of a concept car. There are just so many variables to consider when actually making the car that it would cost thousands of dollars just to revamp and account for the changes in the car itself.

This is where 3D product visualization plays a critical role. When you have an in house or outsourced design team working on a 3D visualization of the car, you can find and fix the kinks before you actually begin work on the concept car.

You can see, for example, how the different G forces will impact the car when it is on the road and alter the design accordingly when you use 3D product visualization for the prototype. You can actually visualize through vivid animations, how the car will behave under different circumstances and what will engine will be ideal for a suitable weight.

You can also figure out whether a rear or front mounted engine is the right choice and if you should make the car a rear, front or all-wheel drive and how that will affect performance.

2.    Accurate Render Creation

When you’re working in the construction industry, it is crucial to get all measurements right and see how the final product will look. In the past, this wasn’t possible without having actually started the construction project.

With 3D product visualizations, you can actually use Google Earth and project images along with CAD data and technical drawings to communicate how the actual building will look even before construction is started.

When the project is an extension or remodel of the building, it is a good idea to have realistic renders to show how the project will turn out so that investors see the kind of return they will get on the investment they are making. That’s incredibly important now.

Plus, the good thing is that it does not cost that much in comparison to actually beginning the project and showing the completed project without involving 3D product visualization.

3.    Communication and Distributing Renders

There is a significant cost associated with physically making copies of renders and drawing and distributing them amongst stakeholders. The finished copies of renders may take time to be completed and reach the stakeholders and for them to communicating what they think after taking a look.

With 3D product visualization, you can have a video of the project uploaded on YouTube or a private sharing platform so that the communication about the project happens fast and more cost effectively. If you need 3D Product Visualization for your Product contact XYZ Creative Group.

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