Photorealistic Rendering

When Does Photorealistic Rendering Really Come in Handy

There are times when you need that picture perfect result. And that is where photorealistic rendering comes in handy! It has been used in promotional materials for many different industries. With photorealistic rendering you can use a wireframe model to sculpt the image, and then use outer layers for different textures, shadows and shading.

When the basic wireframe model is built, the image can be personalized according to the design requirements. But the real question is: Is photorealistic rendering really required? Sometimes, photography just doesn’t give you the perfect shot or angle that you want from a photo or video. Hence, the use of photorealistic rendering becomes necessary in such situations. There are some businesses and industries that are using photorealistic rendering on a very large-scale. Examples of such industries are: architecture, gaming, entertainment and simulation.

1.    Entertainment and Movies

Many movies and televisions shows use some form of photorealistic rendering or another. An obvious example is the movie San Andreas. Photorealistic rendering came into play when showing gigantic waves and gaping whirlpools knocking off buildings and making chunks of concrete fall to the ground.  Another example is the Avengers, where the Hulk throws Loki around, muttering “Puny god” right after Loki’s flabbergasted expressions. Other times, photorealistic rendering is more subtle. For example, little photorealistic rendering was done in removing a passing airplane from the sky in a movie set in the 13th Century in Scotland. But the effects are still there regardless of how large or small they are.

2.    Architectural Models

Previously, architects would add layers to architectural models of buildings, and the finished model would need to be prepared by hand. The same models are made in a more cost-effective manner now by the help of computers. Computers add another valuable feature to architectural models. That feature allows architects to add animations to their models to enable their clients to see their building project in greater detail and from every angle possible. This provides clients with a more realistic representation of the building. Corrections can be made faster and done more effectively if something in the model seems off.

3.    Simulations

Fuel costs and flight time are two of the major cost considerations for having these flight simulators in place. Flight simulators provide a realistic environment for professional pilots to train in without being exposed to the real risks of air travel. They can perfect their flying techniques to be prepared for anything that is thrown their way. There is no fear of running into a horrible accident or catching dangerous updrafts when a pilot in training is inside a simulator.

Not just flight, but racing simulators have become the “in” thing these days. There are some games like Forza Motorsport 7 and Project Cars I and II that, when played on a realistic simulator, provide realistic handling and photorealistic rendering of visuals inside a car’s cockpit so drivers can understand the risks of driving a racecar before they make it through to real world racing.

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