Find out the Right Ingredients for a compelling educational 3D video

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How to Create Compelling Educational 3D Videos

Creating an educational video can be an uphill task, especially if you want it to be compelling. Some videos are more difficult to make than others; however, with whiteboard animation, you can easily create compelling 3-D educational videos in no time at all. Whiteboard animation videos are comparatively more compelling than other kinds of educational videos;  they allow your creativity and wit to shine, and help you get a powerful message across. However, there are some ingredients that you will need in order to create these powerful and compelling educational 3D videos.

Adding a Dash of Education

It is now possible to make education fun. If you want your audience to interact and engage with you, as well as respond positively to your company and your product, educational 3D videos are your one-step solution. Add drawings, stories, relatable 3D characters, an interesting script, or a good storyline, and you’ll have the basis for a great educational 3D video.

It is proven by research, additionally, that when people are enjoying themselves, they are more receptive to learning things faster and are therefore found to develop a deeper understanding of the concept. Educational 3D videos are therefore considered a potent learning tool, and the use of Whiteboard animation, to paint your idea or product, is essential in ensuring that they are both powerful and compelling.

Be Good at Storytelling

Anyone will be willing to enjoy a good story. As humans, we’re bound to be pulled by stories that we can personally relate to. Just ask yourself! Why do you think you enjoy David Attenborough on the discovery channel? You enjoy listening to him because of his captivating voice that naturally draws your attention towards whatever he’s saying.

Storytelling does more than just sell your idea or product. When you tell a story, your audience is more receptive towards what you have to say. A good storyline will help your educational 3D video build an image for your brand.

When you put the focus of the story around an underlying problem faced by your audience, rather than your product’s features, you’ll fare better. This will add an element of empathy in your 3D educational video that your audience will naturally find hard to resist.

Connect on a Deeper Level

Speaking of empathy, you need to dig deeper and connect with your audience emotionally through your educational 3D video. You can use nostalgia, empathy, happiness and light natured humor for this - it all depends on what your audience likes. Some of these elements will take them back to their old days and they’ll feel a deeper emotional connection with your educational 3D video. This way they’ll be more interested in what you’re selling (because it won’t feel like a sale).

Don’t Forget to Include the Drawing Hand

An educational 3D video should give an impression that an underlying artist is painting the scenario as it unfurls, and for that, a drawing hand needs to be present. Whether you use technology or go the traditional route to draw the picture and speed it up, the hand needs to be there for the highest degree of effectiveness.

Finally, there are 3 things that make for a compelling educational 3D video -a white background, a drawing hand, and lastly, black drawing.  Moreover, it is important to have a good storyline that can connect with the audience on a deeper and more personal level. To have a compelling and powerful educational 3D video for your business, contact us at XYZ Creative Group.

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