Saves Manufacturing/Production Costs

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How Product Animation Saves Manufacturing/Production Costs

Cost-saving is one of the fundamental requirements for improving profit margins. No matter how many product units a business sells, it won’t acquire the needed bottom-line improvement without cutting down its manufacturing/production cost. There are various well-established ways to trim down production costs, but this post is not about them.

Instead, we will discuss an out-of-the-ordinary measure that businesses can take to save manufacturing/production costs. We are talking about 3D product animation services. Yes, you read that right! Production animation can play an important role in cutting the overall cost of any manufacturing process. Let’s see how.

You Can Save Cost on Prototype Production

A successful final form of product stands on the multitudes of its failed/unapproved prototypes. The cost of making all those prototypes also adds to the total production cost. Instead of making actual prototypes, you should use 3D product animation services and get them rendered in a photorealistic digital form. Good 3D product animation lets you assess a prototype for its form factor in great detail without commissioning its physical model.

With 3D product animation services at your disposal, you can create product prototypes with multiple designs, sizes, and finishes without spending anything on material and manufacturing. After the finalization of a 3D-rendered prototype, you can get its physical model and proceed with the rest of the production process.

You Don’t Have to Set Up In-Person Presentations and Meetings for the Design Approval

The product design assessment and approval is a lengthy phase. Businesses need to set up full-fledged events to showcase the shortlisted designs to stakeholders. All this happens on a corporate scale where sometimes executives even fly from other cities, states, and even countries to see and approve a product design.

Conducting the event, managing its itinerary, and taking care of the corporate traveling and accommodation involves a significant outlay that’s also accounted for in the total production cost.

You can be an industry trailblazer by shifting this expense-heavy segment to the virtual medium. Use 3D product animation services and get photorealistic models of proposed designs with all the spatial details. Share those 3D models with all the stakeholders online and brainstorm the final design virtually without putting up an in-person product design presentation.

You Save on Time and Cost

Making actual products and then showing them to decision-makers via in-person meetings requires a lot of time. This long-drawn-out pre-production phase also increases the cost of manufacturing based on the concept of the time value of money. By using a 3D product animation service, you can streamline the pre-production phase. This virtual prototyping will subsequently improve the production time and help prepare a product batch without increasing its manufacturing cost.

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