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How 3D Rendering Can Streamline the Process of Product Designing

3D-rendered illustration of different product designs (bottles and jars) and their packaging.

Any business dealing with physical goods has to take care of the crucial product design phase. There are several reasons why this process holds a vital position in the entire manufacturing operation. It is the first step in conveying the right value and function of your product to the clientele. Secondly, from a stock keeping point of view, it is really important within the organization to get the optimal design for the product.

Computer-aided diagrams were the first major breakthrough for the process of product designing. Manufacturers have been using them for years now to improve their existing product designing processes.

In the last few years, 3D rendering and modeling techniques have emerged as a better alternative for facilitating the process of product designing. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how 3D rendering services have revamped and streamlined the process of product designing.

The Facility of Endless Iterations  

Product design is the end result of many pieces of relevant information and details. This makes it quite an exhaustive process particularly if all these details have to be incorporated. 3D rendering expertise has changed that. 3D product designs enable you to filter and add the required details in the final blueprint without making physical specimens.

3D rendering and modeling allow you to visualize your product design with different features. Whether you want chromatic variations in the packaging or want to increase the opacity of the surface material in the design, you can get it easily done in 3D product designs. Such endless iterations of different designs and that too with naturalistic interpretation are only possible through 3D animation and modeling skills.

Cutting Down the Cost of the Process

Making things cost-effective is the part of any streamlining measure. So streamlining of product design process must involve cost-cutting measures as well.  In traditional product designing process, even if a prototype has already been completed, its photography can inflate the entire budget. Setting up various background settings, using different equipment to get angular shots of the product right—there are many particulars involved in product photography that automatically swell the budget.

3D rendering and modeling experts have the skills to bypass this expense. Apart from rendering the exact lifelike product design, they are also able to create background scenes. They can also create realistic camera settings with their 3D rendering expertise. Shots from different angles, taking care of the depth of field, aperture radius and exposure can also be carried out through 3D rendering to cover the photography of product design from all angles.

By shifting to 3D rendering services and 3D product designs, a business can cut down significant cost that goes into the process.

For Wrapping It up Quickly

3D rendering also paces up the process of product designing. In cases where clients’ feedback has to be incorporated in the product design, a back and forth with them can delay the process by weeks or even months. But when 3D rendering is used in product design, you can get the client’s feedback and incorporate it within the same day.

XYZ Creative Group provides 3D animation and image rendering skills that can facilitate you with all the above-discussed streamlining measures of product designing process.

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