How 3D Product Design Can Help Furniture Industry

How 3D Product Design Can Help Furniture Industry

3D modeling and rendering have come a long way in the last decade or so. Today, it is not just confined to fringe sectors. The mainstream industrial landscape has also acknowledged its importance. However, not every industrial stakeholder has fully embraced it and incorporated it into their operations. Case in point: The home furnishing sector.

The home furnishing industry comprises various subfields, and each of them accounts for billions of dollars of annual commercial activity. However, the sector is not leveraging 3D product designing and rendering technologies in full capacity.

For instance, furniture production and sales in the home furnishing sector primarily depend on traditional operations. From design development to product display and catalog management, it resorts to conventional methods and resources.

Furniture manufacturers and dealers can utilize 3D product designing in various capacities to improve and streamline their operations.

In this post, we will quickly walk you through how 3D product designing can help the furniture industry in various ways.

Save Cost by Making 3D Prototypes

Every furniture article goes through various design iterations before coming together in a final form. In a conventional setup, furniture makers have to develop multiple prototypes before settling on the final design. By incorporating 3D product designing in their development phase, furniture makers can save a considerable cost that goes into manufacturing multitudes of rejected prototypes.

Unlocks Innovative Designing

Furniture designers tend to get boxed in particular margins of creativity and innovation when they use conventional designing tools. With 3D product designing at their disposal, they don’t have to restrict their creativity at any point. You can check the feasibility of a design in its initial phase easily by rendering its 3D model and see whether it is workable with the furniture’s practical application.

Shrinks the Duration of the Designing Phase

An extended furniture designing phase with lots of back and forth entails a cascade effect. Design delays slow down the production that subsequently hurts the supply, sales, and revenues. By making 3D product designing a standard in your pre-production phase, you can significantly trim down the design turnaround.

Your 3D product design team can create dozens of test designs in the same duration required to make a couple of physical prototypes. In short, 3D product designing can shrink your designing phase from months to weeks or even days.

Hassle-Free Catalog Creation and Management

Creating stunning furniture catalogs entails top-of-the-line photography. Not only do you have to hire expensive photographers, but you also have to put up the entire landscape/backdrop for the shooting. This requires you to invest a lot of time, energy, and money. Despite all that hassle and overwork, you can’t be 100% sure about the final results.

With the use of 3D product designing, you can create stunning photorealistic renders of your furniture for both hardcopy and online catalogs. 3D-rendered catalogs are cost-effective as compared to photography and also involve less logistical hassle.

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