Effective application of 3D designing in TV Industry

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Gone are the days when TV networks got facilities with multiple studios and real set designs. With an ongoing optimization, shrinking resources and unavailability of such vast locations in city centers, the concept of multiple studios is also vanishing from the industry.

Now, the same set is used to record and broadcast more than one program by changing the background, all thanks to Chroma key. The technological progression has definitely helped many TV channels to run their transmissions within constrained resources.

However, many times networks fail to make the most of this technological facility. They certainly can carry out the transmission from the same set all day long. However, it doesn’t necessarily translate into good visual experience for the audience. A poor transmission quality eventually results in losing the ratings. And we all are aware of the financial repercussions of withering TV ratings.

3D designing to the rescue

The primary reason why TV transmission looks poor on Chroma key is the lack of homework on the virtual set design. It must be kept in mind that a Chroma key doesn’t automatically create the virtual experience for the audience. One has to extensively work on the virtual set design to make the most of Chroma key. For that matter, TV channels must invest in 3D designing to enhance the quality of their programs relaying from Chroma sets. Let’s see how 3D designing can save the day for TV transmission.

3D designing gets rid of tackiness and instills reality  

Filling Chroma screen with colors, patterns, and text just for bare minimum presentation is never a good idea. Such virtual set designs—if they are qualified enough to be called design—only look despicable and tacky. These unwanted features of the design will overshadow the televised content. No matter how good is the program, you can’t attract good audience numbers if it is shot against a poor background.

By applying 3D designing, TV channels can get rid of this tastelessness. The professional 3D designing work will allow the channels to have realistic virtual set designs without an excess of anything. For instance, seasoned 3D artists can create a whole virtual newsroom that looks closest to the reality.

3D designs complement the natural human vision

We are not aware of this, but our eyes always look and discern all the three coordinates or dimensions simultaneously. 3D designing takes care of this aspect. So, a Chroma Key based on 3D design will create a better perception for the viewers that they are seeing an actual space. Moreover, the detail that goes into 3D designing also strengthens this perception. To understand that how much detail is used to work out a 3D design consider this, a good artist even creates a minor shadow of the button present on the electric switch panel.

So, in short, 3D designing can be effectively used in the TV transmission to compensate for the actual studio. For professional 3D designing and animation work, get in touch with XYY Creative Studio. The company provides first-rate 3D rendering and animation services.

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