Applications of 3D Across a Number of Industries

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The Amazing Applications of 3D Video Production

Animated video production has been exceptional at catching everyone’s fancy since its inception. It started off with cartoons and was strictly limited to entertainment purposes in the earlier part of the 20th century. The ability to make those hand-drawn pictures move was an exceptional achievement back in the day. It has come a long way from there since then. 

With the improvements in technology, the advent of motion graphics and the computer generated imagery (CGI), the limits of 3D animation came to be redefined and that evolution continues to this day. Any observant individual can tell that it’s no more a thing strictly associated only with the entertainment industry.

Its useful applications have spanned various industries across the businesses landscape. Although we mostly come across 3D videos on websites, movies, TVs, video games, and other entertainment-related media, there are other, lesser known and amazing applications of the technology that are common in this age.   

Medical Education and Assistance

The medical profession is one of the fields that has come to rely heavily on 3D Videos. Before, hands-on experience and live illustrations were required for teaching and training purposes. The two dimensional (2D) drawings or actual bodies, however, were not as efficient in imparting the crucial knowledge to budding doctors which limited the actual training that could be provided besides making the education much more expensive for medical students and practitioners. 

With the use of 3D video production in medical education, animated organs can realistically mimic the reaction of real, live organs. Furthermore, the authentic and exceptionally realistic imagery of the human anatomy allows a helpful aid in complex medical procedures and operations. All in all, the use of 3D videos has become quite prevalent in medical education and has served to enhance the quality of medical care. 


Architecture and Design Proposals

In the architecture and design industry, the use of 3D animations has been nothing short of a game changer. Imagine being able to walk through the design instead of showing it on a two-dimensional plane using hand drawings. The process has been made so much more cost effective and convenient for the architects as well as the users of the design with the use of 3D videos in architecture. It helps in pointing out any structural flaws in the design at the earliest stages, besides giving clients and designers a thorough understanding of how the project might look in a number of conditions, such as lighting and weather - all of which can be incorporated into the 3D video animation. With technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality being incorporated into the designs, the experience can be enhanced even further. 

Police and Military Training

Police and military academies are increasingly relying on 3D technology for their training purposes. Areas where 3D video is helping the police and the military are combat training, strategizing, and even in military engineering.  3D animation paired with augmented reality and virtual reality technology will afford safe and efficient mission drills and realistic training programs to be devised without the potential for injuries. 

 To sum up, 3D animated video has an array of uses across a number of industries and is no longer restricted to the entertainment industry anymore. If your business wants to benefit from this useful tool anywhere along the value chain, xyz creative group provides impeccable services in the field.


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