Animation in Games and Movies

by Norman on Aug 20, 2015 (50137 Views)

If you thought that 3D animation for
games and movies was the same
thing, you will be in for a surprise
when we tell you that it is not. Even
though 3D animators use the same
principles and tools to create the
animation, the techniques and
methods differ. If you had the
misconception of animation in games
and movies being the same, discover
why it is not below:

Movies: Animation on the Big Screen

In movies, the 3D animator's sole and only responsibility is to animate the character or object
in the shot camera. Even though several other camera angles exist, the animator in this instance
only has to worry about one, which is the shot camera. The shot camera is from the perspective of
the viewer.

When you watch a 3D animation movie on the big screen, you are watching from the shot camera.
For the 3D animator working on a movie is fun, as they get to overlook all other angles of the camera,
as you cannot view the other angles on the big screen, unless the viewer, you, could rotate the
screen to view them.

Since that is not the case, the animator is one happy camper.
However, do not get us wrong, as animating in movies is not an easy task at all.
In fact, it is quite hard, but not in comparison to animating for video games.


The whole point of animating games is to make them interactive for the player. When you are
playing a game, the character is in your control. You control its every movement as well as the
angle of the camera. This means, the 3D animator has to make sure that the game looks
flawless from every camera angle.

Especially in games that are in third person. In third person perspective, the player is able to
rotate the camera to allow them to see the whole arena before them. When designing a character,
the animator has to perfect each and every motion the character does or the player
makes it do from every possible camera angle available.

Some of the things the animator will have to ensure include when the character is aiming its
gun, crouching down, standing, running, rolling on the ground, and more. Their task becomes
even more difficult when they have to create fantasy characters such as giants, creatures from
the beyond, whole events in the story line, and more.

Animation in movies and games is quite difference. The difference being in the way each type
of entertainment medium is animated. Animating a game requires an animator to look at every
single movement from all angles whereas animating for a movie requires them to only look at
one angle, which is the angle from the viewpoint of the moviegoer.

Still, animating in movies and games requires the animator to work with precision, as both
tasks take a long time to finish. The end result is always perceived well by critics and audiences alike.

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