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by Norman on Aug 10, 2017 (235 Views)

3D Character for Advertising and Entertainment

Advertising and entertainment industries have it tough. They continually have to find alternate and different methods to make their star shine. With several of their competitors gunning for them, setting themselves apart has turned out to be difficult.

In these difficult times where everyone wants the spotlight, only one solution seems to exist to rescue them from this turmoil. The solution to their problem is to employ the services of a 3D company. The company will create a 3D character representing their company, their brand, service, or/and product.

How Will A 3D Character Help Shine a Spotlight on the Company?

At times, the message an entertainment or an advertising company wants to portray to its targeted audience is complex in nature. Even if they use the simplest dialect to communicate the message, it still has a chance to go over people’s heads.

Since creating an advertisement costs a lot of money, companies are afraid to take such a huge risk, which if unsuccessful, would cost them a good amount of money. When the risk of developing an advertisement is taken, all the best people in the team put their heads together to think of a strategy that will work best with the concept.

It is during those meetings that a genius person throws in the idea of using a 3D character. When you employ a 3D character to convey your message, the impact of the message on the audience is greater and clearer, as it helps engage them with the advertisement. Gradually, people may recognize a company through their character.

3D Character Are Perfect for Branding Purposes

Brand customer and building relationships are essential components for a company’s success in its particular industry. When you hire a 3D character design company, you will be able to give reality to your vision. Some classic examples of companies that have used 3D characters in the past from branding purposes and have soared are MSN’s butterfly, Maytag’s repairperson, and American Airlines’ plane.

After you pick the character that you want to use to represent your company, the 3D animation design company will ask you to select the color of the character. The completion of the project will result in a creative 3D character or object. When people see the advertisement or the short cartoon film, they will immediately be drawn to it, watching the ad from start to finish.

3D animation allows companies to share the most complex and technical message in a manner understood by the audience. The 3D cartoon character explains viewers about what the company does and what product or service they sell. Just like the packaging of a product is a recall trigger of its name, the 3D character will do the same for the company.

When people see the 3D character on TV, billboard, or hear its voice on the radio, they will quickly recall the name of the company. This is the exact reason why companies need to start using 3D characters as part of their advertising efforts.




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