5 Reasons Businesses Use Motion Media Animation in Advertisements

by Norman on Feb 17, 2016 (37595 Views)

Businesses that use motion media animation to capture the attention of audiences are smart. They know exactly what it takes to captivate the audiences, stopping them from changing the channel when their advertisement comes on. For that brief moment, the business feels accomplished, as they have managed to grab the attention of the viewers. Have other businesses taken notice?

They sure have! Other businesses, be it large or small, have started using animation in their advertisements to increase engagement. Businesses that have yet to implement this strategy should read to see how their competitors are taking complete advantage of motion media animation. Here are five reasons why businesses use motion media in their advertisements:

1. Gran the Attention of their Audiences

They do not want their target market to change the channel or close the ad when its pops up online. No, they want them to watch it intently and build their interest in the product they are selling. In order to grab their attention, they created animated ads.

They share the ads on their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. After viewing the 15 or 20 second ad, the viewers will be able to share it with their circle of friends or followers easily with just a click of the mouse.

2. Familiarize Audiences with Their Brand

Businesses do not want to be forgotten, but they want to be remembered. What better to ensure they remain in people long-term memory than by creating an animated character to represent their brand? If their animated character becomes a hit with audiences, their ad has a chance to go viral.

3. Conveying Statistics through Animation

You want to convey statistics about your product, service, or business to your audience. Most people do not have the patience to sit through numbers and charts, as they are viewed as dry and boring content.

In order to ensure your audiences pays attention to the numbers you are conveying through your advertisement, you have to be smart on how you go about it. You animated charts, graphs, and infographics to tell your audience about your company. You can add humor to it or have an animated character go through them.

4. Use 2D Animation in Traditional Advertisements

If you want to make a traditional video, you can have 2D backdrop rolling in the background with some message. It is a wonderful and useful way to make boring videos a little more entertaining. You do not have to integrate this animation technique in a traditional advertisement, but create an advertisement using just this technique.

5. Use 3D Animations for other Services

Businesses have started to use 3D animations as part of their work. They have begun to create training and explainer videos for employees. For their customers, they have begun to create product demos to provide them with a clearer picture of how the product or service works.

For most businesses, using motion media animation in their advertisements has become a strategy to conquer the market.

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