4 Myths about Video Game

by Norman on Feb 2, 2017 (6277 Views)

4 Myths about Video Game Developers Debunked

Have you ever paused to ask about the video game developers behind the video game that has you so addicted? Sure, you have. Video game developers are lazy, their job is not so hard, a good idea is enough to base an entire game of off, and they do not give a hoot about bugs in a game.

The points we just mentioned above are all myths invented by people who do not know any video game developers personally and have no clue on what their job actually consists of. It is time to bust and debunk these myths about video game developers ! Today, we are going to crush all of these myths, sending them to the grave for good. Here are the myths we are going to bid farewell to forever:


Why are they lazy? They are not lazy because they cannot get up to grab a can of beer or soda from the fridge. According to most gamers, video game developers are lazy because they either fail to add a feature they wanted in the game or they did not fix a bug. What's the truth?

Video game developers are one of the most hardworking professionals out there with several working overtime and sacrificing their family and social time to do so. In their profession, it is not uncommon for them to work more than forty hours each week to ensure the game releases on time.

Myth #2 They Have the Easiest Job on the Planet

Now, video game developers would love for this myth to have some truth to it, but it is far from it. Developing video games is not as easy as it sounds or looks. It can takes hours and sometimes weeks to perfect one element of a video game. Moreover, video game developers have to continually compromise between time and resources and features and content.


Video game developers do need to come with an idea to base the game of off, but an idea is not the only thing they need to get the ball rolling. As developers move forward with creating a game, their ideas change and evolve with time. For instance, an idea may change due to production costs or during the prototype phase when developers find out that the original idea would not make for good game play. A video game is always a work in progress and an idea should remain an idea and not taken as the definite outcome of a game.

Myth #4: Game Developers Leave the Bugs in the Video Game on Purpose

Video game players are quick to comment about how game developers do not care about bugs in the game, especially when several others also encountered it. In a video game developer's defense, encountering bugs in a game is left up to chance and a number of factors influence the bugs showing up. For instance, some factors that would trigger a bug in the game include the player having certain number of items, ammo, and kills.

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