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Creative Use of 3D Services in Videos

3D services are crucial these days as they can be used to convey a very important message across to audiences. One of the most popular ways to get a message across for a company is to use a 3D video. Here are some examples of companies that are conveying messages across audiences on the internet through engaging 3d videos.

Most of the videos are very small, which also shows that when you use 3D services, you should be able to get the message across in a short amount of time, to keep audiences engaged.

1.    Apple’s iWatch

The 3D video for the Apple iWatch starts out a bit slower but that’s part of the build-up. It starts with a 3D representation of the world, close up, and transitions to the features of the watch like the clear metallic siding and other features of the watch. The 3D video does tremendously of bringing out the design of the watch as well as its usability.

The Apple iWatch is water resistant up to 50m and has a built-in GPS. The display is also highlighted in the 3D video showing the display illuminating up to two times brighter than other smart watches. It shows how the dual core watch is practical as well as functional. The video is just a pleasure to look at.

2.    FOVE VR Headset

The Fove VR headset 3D video speaks volumes about the what the product is. It shows creative usage of 3D services to show how the Fove VR headset is the first in its class to track eye movements using infrared technology. The 3D video emphasizes the resulting movements to be low latency, which is perfect for VR games, in particular.

The infrared tracks the wearers pupil (the inner black part of the eye) movements in order to help interaction with nearby objects after targeting them successfully. The video is short, but engaging. The animation adds a sense of realism so to create that engagement.

3.    Oral-B Electric Tooth Brush

This 3D video shows creative use of 3D services in order to create a competitive edge for a popular product. The 3D video emphasizes the 3 unique ways that the Oral-B electric toothbrush is better than a competing brand. It also highlights how the Oral-B Electric toothbrush takes after a dentist’s tools to provide precision in a deep clean of teeth.

The video does an immensely spectacular job of making sure that Oral-B’s features, design and, above all, usability is highlighted.

4.    Engie Solar Power Solution

This French multinational electric utility company has taken the concept of renewable energy generation further by creating a product that uses solar power and water to provide 24/7 electricity.The 3D video immerses audiences and shows how Engie’s power solution aims to lessen the impact of non-renewable sources of power on the environment.

It then shows how the system works, effectively suggesting how the problem of non-renewable energy consumption can be solved through their product.

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