3D Rendering

by Norman on Jul 3, 2017 (1944 Views)

Why is 3D Rendering used for Marketing?

3D rendering is a powerful tool that should not be underestimated when it comes to marketing prowess. The 3D rendering of hotel spaces and houses can enhance the user’s experience across many channels. From visualizing the hotel room where you would stay on your next business trip, to inspecting rooms of a house or the interior of a car that you are intending to purchase can influence your decision a great deal. This is one of the main reasons that 3D rendering is used in marketing.

What is 3D rendering?

It’s the process that is used to generate a 3D image. It’s not how you think it is; you won’t need 3d glasses to look at the 3D images. Instead, the 3D “renders” (images) will be viewed just as any other picture would. 3D rendering can make the base picture that was used come to life and allow you to explore the picture in depth. This is how car interiors and hotel or house rooms can be viewed in crisp detail so that the buyer can be satisfied with the room or car.

Interior designers, architects and real estate agents can benefit tremendously from 3D rendering when it comes to marketing. For example, if an interior designer has an idea for a bathroom that he or she wants to present to their client, they can use 3D rendering to make their idea come to life. Instead of using 2D pictures, no matter how detailed they are, that lack the element of depth, impressive designs can be captured in depth and details to wow the customer.

Hotels and real estate agents can benefit from 3D rendering as well. In order to market one of their finest suites available, 3D rendering can be used to make a hotel’s executive suites come to life in all their glory. Everything, from the placement of the furniture to the length of the bed and the view from the terrace can all be encapsulated in the 3D render of the hotel suite, any extra amenities like a swimming pool can also be used to show customers exactly what they are paying for.

For car manufacturers, a whole new dimension of user experience opens up. From the exterior of the cars including the ride height, shock absorbers, bold and aerodynamic cuts if their cars to the plush interior and the variety of accessories and mid interface can all be visualized easily with the help of a 3D rendered image. The luxury and comfort of the car’s interior can be visualized in much the same way as if one were to go and see the car in person.

A customer is more likely to visit a house or a hotel or test drive a car if a 3D rendered image is used instead of a 2D picture. For interior designing, the end product can be placed in front of the customer even before starting construction. Luckily, 3D rendering is inexpensive now than in the past where software wasn’t that widely available.

To benefit from 3D rendered images for your business or products, contact XYZ Creative Group and have your product’s 3D image rendered today!

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