3D Product Visualization

by norm on Jul 5, 2017 (1463 Views)

How is 3D Product Visualization Affecting the Realm of Ecommerce?

Online shopping was once thought to be full of let downs and poor quality products. That image has changed for the better! It always had the advantage of being easy and convenient for the end customer but never was there a guarantee for the products that you got when you bought them online. All you had to go on was the pictures that are being displayed on the web page of the Ecommerce company.

3D product visualization in Ecommerce

3D product visualization is becoming more prominent in mainstream Ecommerce. Online shopping websites as well as hotel websites are becoming more and more 3D friendly, allowing you to view your products in 3D and even wear them, completely revolutionizing the end-to-end user experience. With time, the immense potential for 3D product visualization will slowly be realized.

Try on your clothes before you buy them

Not just a 3D image on an E commerce website! With 3D product visualization tools, Ecommerce firms can benefit from the use of VR and AR capabilities on their potential customer’s smartphones and their website. Customers will be able to view their clothes and other fashion accessories on their hands and body.

3D Ecommerce is still evolving and virtual commerce is being used interchangeably with Ecommerce. VR is being used in a number of ways that allows the customer to experience a 360° virtual environment (as a part of that virtual environment) and seeing the same 3D environment generated on a computer. Both of these technologies are being used to make the online buying experience more personable across all Ecommerce channels.

Transform Ecommerce from 2 to 3D

The traditional realm of Ecommerce (2D) is still pretty much the dominant one right now. The main user interface of Ecommerce still has the same underlying pattern when it comes to 2D. The 2D experience relies on “click and buy”; you see an ad for a product, you click it and are redirected to the page sporting the goods in that ad. You buy the goods and get delivery after a certain period of time has elapsed.

There is no 3D product visualization or story-telling and very little social interaction capability (the most you can do is share the product or recommend it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and such) in the 2D Ecommerce realm. Understanding the 2D text needs to be taught in schools in order to experience while 3D graphical representations are an innovative experience that taps into the most basic of emotions and need not be taught. The development of 3D product visualization takes experience but to experience it does not.

When you go to a cosmetics store that has VR enabled experiences, you can wear the lipstick, nail polish, eyelashes and other cosmetics products and see if they match your style. If they don’t you can always try on something else that does.

To develop a 3D product visualization experience for your Ecommerce business, you can always contact XYZ Creative Group and take your company’s virtual product visualization capabilities to a whole new level for your customers to experience.

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