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Tips on How 3D Product Modeling Can Be Communicated Efficiently With Your Designer

Establish a Medium of Communication

Any updates on 3D product modelling process and revisions will be fruitless unless a specific medium of communication is established. The company and the designer should both agree on how they will communicate. This doesn’t necessarily have to be over the email or via call, but can also include other forms of communication, such as meeting once or twice every week on a prescribed day and time, online Skype meeting or even sharing pictures or screenshots on a WhatsApp group.

Having a particular mode of communication will bring accountability and make the joint-initiative much more transparent. Meetings, for example, can involve progress updates and will keep the designer on alert for presenting new features, problems, or questions to the company. The medium of communication should be based on the ease, speed of communication, and how effectively it can present problems and its solutions.

Provide Design Samples

The company should also make sure that it provides the designer with a few samples so that a rough concept art can be used as the basis of the 3D product modelling design. This can be a sketch, a sample of a different product, or even an object made out of playdough. The more samples you provide, the quicker the designer will be able to develop the 3D model and limit time brainstorming new ideas and concepts.

In the food industry, for instance, a company may decide to launch a new product and base it around a rival’s offering. In this, it will use packaging or the product itself and add a touch of uniqueness to make it closer to its intended brand offering.  

Be Open to Fresh Ideas

The single biggest mistake that managers can make is to interfere with the design process by presenting their own ideas. This may be useful to an extent, but managers should not forget to utilize the experience and talent of the designer. They must give be open-minded and allow the designer to influence them. In this way, they become more open to the creativity of the designer and ensure the 3D product model is unique.

Have a Thorough Revision and Testing Phase

One phase that takes a considerable amount of time is the revision and testing phase. Designers have to constantly go back and forth in making sure the design specifications and aesthetic elements are in accordance with the needs and vision of the company. If this is not handled well by the company, it can delay the launch phase of the product.  

As a solution, the company needs to allot a larger portion of the time towards revision and testing so that it does not affect its launch and marketing objectives.


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