3D Product Animation Videos

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3D Product Animation Videos 

We see them all around us -- on television screens, laptops, mobile phones and even billboards. These 3D product animation videos have gained enormous popularity. But why? This is due to their many advantages, of course.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of 3D Product Animation

These top reasons demonstrate why 3D product animations are popular.

They help you showcase products that have not yet been created and are still in their development stage.

They’re way more detailed and captivating because of the way virtual products can be presented using CGI (special) effects.

They can help even the most regular of products reach the next level: highlighting important benefits, making it look high tech, thus increasing the reputation of the company.

They can present what can’t be seen or photographed by the naked eye, such as the minute intricacies of the cells in the human body or the planetary bodies in outer space.

They’re most effective in visualizing concepts that cannot be explained easily because of their complexity.

Exemplary Explanation

We won’t let you leave on just that note. Look at real life examples where 3D product animations have taken things to the next level.

Nike’s Air Max

Who isn’t familiar with the company that is known for developing products alongside athletes? But how did it get to have its unshakeable reputation? Through its products, of course. One such product is the Nike Air Max. The product is a running shoe that is made with comfort in mind and its video explains that perfectly. The Waffle Outsole technology has been emphasized in the 3D product animation video and highlights the shoe’s superior grip and traction, allowing for a smooth yet powerful run.

Google Home Product Demo

Google has made its way into smart devices. It’s nothing new. Their new video showcases the Google Home, a voice-activated speaker that works via Google Assistant. It can play Spotify tracks for you and can find random songs to cheer you up. It can also make answering questions easy because of its connectivity to the web. The 3D product animation video for it showcases it as a powerful device, highlighting its main aesthetic features and customization options.

Meaco Refrigerant Humidifier

This company is considered one of the leading suppliers of portable dehumidifiers, heating, portable air conditioners and similar products in the UK. Their 3D product animation video for a refrigerant dehumidifier effectively highlights the main features of the product such as a 2.5-liter tank with a cover for avoiding spills, and a filter that is optional to put in. The animation is beautifully designed with a soothing voice over.

NFC Ring

This is a device whose 3D product animation video highlights it as a fashionable, yet practical device that fits easily onto your wrists. Whether you’re at the hotel or at home, your smart doors will easily open with the wave of your hand. No need to carry dead-weight keys anymore. You can also unlock your smartphone or tablet by wearing the NFC ring on your wrists and holding your device in the same hand. There’s much more information on this useful device in the video itself.

So, if you want your product to have amazing feedback, get a 3D product animation video made for it from XYZ Creative.

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