3D Printing and 3D Design

by Norman on Apr 21, 2017 (2325 Views)

How 3D Printing and 3D Design Companies Will Revolutionize Technology?

Did you know the 3D printing industry is expected to earn over $12 billion by next year?

Reports and surveys put the 3D printing industry at more than $20 billion in 2020. 3D design companies together with self-design and 3D printing have become tools for companies to further their goals and objectives.
For instance, self-design enables users to create customized designs enabling people to design a customized product for their target market. If you are thinking of trying 3D printing and self-design, here are some ways you can use them:

1. Do You Feel That?

You can feel the images! 3D design technology allows you to feel and touch the images, which is absolutely incredible. Advanced 3D printers allow you to print pictures and images in 3D format. You can even create 3D images of unborn babies to show the parents.

2. Improves Transportation

Transportation companies have also began using 3D design companies to assist them create 3D mechanical parts for their vehicle such a train. Their purpose is to use the 3D mechanical parts to enhance the protection and strength of their vehicle. Another advantage transportation companies receive using 3D printed parts is that they make their plans robust and lightweight. Moreover, 3D printed parts increase fuel efficiency.

3. Creates Plaster for Fractures Bones

If you have ever fractured or broken one of your bones, you understand the discomfort you feel when you wear a plaster cast. With a plaster cast made using 3D printed technology, you do not feel any discomfort wearing it. Plus, it is more hygienic than the conventional plaster cast.

4. Customizes Body Parts

With 3D technology, you can customize entire body parts for your clients. You can create a leg or an arm. Depending on the requirements of your client, you can create a host of different body parts.

5. Creates Increased Interest in Education

The invention of art and technology has completely transformed the way educational institutions educate children. 3D design technology allows teachers to use an unconventional approach to education by making learning about science, math, engineering, and art fun and exciting.

6. Rapid Improvements in the Medical Sector

The medical sector uses 3D printed technology to make new discoveries in their industry. Using 3D printed tech saves them both resources and time. Instead of wasting time conducting research and taking surveys, they are able to speed up the entire process by designing bespoke implants.

7. Improves Productivity at Work

Companies that have introduced self-design and 3D printing technology into their workplace have seen an increase in employee productivity. Companies that have sought help from 3D design companies have also witnessed an increase their productivity levels. The use of 3D tech has allowed employees to perform tasks quickly and effortlessly.

It has helped them save time and increase their focus on completing critical assignments. Other benefits companies have witnessed is the ability 3D printing gives them to come up with faster and better solutions to overcome problems.
3D printing is the solution of today! Do you agree? Let us know.

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