3D Modeling in Advertising

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Why Using 3D Modeling in Advertising is a Good Idea

3D modeling and rendering have transformed the pictorial representation of things. They have enabled us to get the most realistic representation of any object in a form of an image. Whether it’s a blueprint of a house building or a product shot, 3D modeling and rendering have changed the way we look at things.

3D modeling techniques have also impacted advertising practices in a good way. 3D image rendering and modeling are so effective that they can actually improve the return on investment of any ad campaign. Let’s have a look at the reasons that make 3D modeling a good element of any advertisement drive.

A 3D Modeled and Rendered Image can be Customized in Many Ways

Once you are done with the 3D modeling and rendering of a product shot, you are able to use it in as many customized forms as you want. In other words, a 3D modeled product shot can sort out your many ad campaigns. With little adjustments and tweaks, you can devise unique and customized adverting campaigns. Whether you are carrying out a seasonal discount sale or planning holiday promotions, the same 3D modeling work can come in handy in every instance.

3D Modeling can Even Make Lazy Ideas Work

It is not easy to always come up with a unique insight for an advertisement. Similarly, churning catchy slogans and ad copies every time is also not a mean task.  So, when your creative team couldn’t turn up with something exceptional, you can still make it work by using 3D modeling.

For instance, a food product doesn’t always need an outstanding concept for effective and viral promotions. Sometimes, all you need to do is to model and render the product shots to as close to reality as possible. A dazzling mouthwatering exhibition of a food product won’t let the audience drift away in the conceptual part of the advertisement. By sharpening the visual character of a product through 3D modeling, you work out even lazy and tedious marketing concepts.

3D Modeling Increases the Photogenic Degree of Products

Not all products have an intrinsic visual appeal. For example, a tire can’t look stunning no matter how good it is captured on film. But that’s where the wonder of 3D modeling works. Professional 3D experts can even render a dull-looking tire into a stunning piece of art. This way you can easily promote even the less-aesthetically pleasing products with an ease.

3D Modeling and Animation

You can also go one step further to use 3D modeling in the animation for your digital content. 3D modeling and animation have chopped down the cost of shooting ads in real locations. With a good 3D team on board, you can develop a kickass digital ad campaign for your business and products without straining your marketing budget.

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