3D Illustrations and 3D Animations

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The Functional Reasons for Choosing 3D Illustrations and 3D Animations

Striking graphic design has become a key element of contemporary marketing. Whether it's print, electronic or digital promotions, businesses heavily rely on rendered visuals instead of using natural photography. But amid this pervasiveness and popularity of graphics in advertising, very few people understand the difference between 3D illustrations and 3D animations and when to use either of them.

In simple words, 3D illustrations are virtually rendered stills of a real setting while 3D animation allows such illustrations to be demonstrated in a sequence to create the illusion of movement usually known as ‘motion graphics’.

There are some obvious choices when it comes to the right usage of 3D illustration and 3D animation. For instance, 3D animation becomes a natural choice for an ad film. On the other hand, a print advertisement can only accommodate 3D illustrations. In general, animations triumph over illustrations since most of the promotional content is being created for electronic and digital media that favors interactivity.

However, there are some instances where one of them becomes a better functional option than the other. Businesses should be aware of that preference before getting an expert 3D artist on board.

Illustrations Are Great for Surface Detailing

Not all products get the same 3D rendering treatment for their promotional displays. For instance, there will be a stark difference between the 3D work required to produce 3D-rendered images of a dairy product and a cell phone. If an ad is centered on the ‘looks’ of a specimen, then it is really important to work on its surface details.

Illustrations are important in that sense because artists are able to cover all the fine details of the specimen when they are working on their still display. Many consumers make buying decisions that are solely based on the appearance of a product.  When you want to capture the surface and dimensional essence of a product, it is better to use its still 3D rendering.

In other words, 3D illustrations without animations make for more practical promotions where you don’t need to draw in customers with gimmickry. Standalone 3D illustrations are a far better option for the visual content of billboards, catalogs, and brochures.

Animations Are Better for Storytelling

Businesses, in general, are more inclined towards animation because of the general interest it can create among the audience. However, there are also some reasons from a functional standpoint where animation becomes a better option than illustration.

For instance, animation is a better tool for storytelling. You can make characters act and interact. Standalone illustrations can also do that, but not with the finesse of animation. 3D animation or moving graphics is also a more functional option because you can use a well-designed frame from it for print ads without spending anything extra.

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