3D Animation for Product Commercials

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3D Animation for Product Commercials

3D animation, modeling, and rendering have undoubtedly changed the entire ethos of graphic design and motion. The technology has also invariably transformed the advertising world. Now, many marketers tend to rely on 3D animation and rendering, instead of opting for live camera shots. In particular, the mastery of 3D animation has changed the scope and quality of product shots. In this blog, we will discuss how 3D animation and rendering has changed the development of product commercials.

Product Visualization, Like Never Before

Visualization has always been central to any product commercial. Even long before the inception of 3D expertise, businesses would rely on product visualization to sell their products. Even in old black-and-white publications, the product shot was used as the focal point of a print ad.

3D modeling and rendering have changed how product visualization is taken care of in commercials. Now businesses are able to show the intricate details of their product in a visually stunning manner. The sleek slow-mo shots of interiors you often see in car commercials these days are mostly 3D-rendered. In other words, 3D expertise has enhanced the visual substance of a product commercial while relaying its detail to consumers with more clarity.

3D skills are being used in different ways for better product visualization in commercials.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics involve the combination of digital footage and animation pieces with audio to create the illusions of motion. Motion graphics decked with 3D-rendered images have become all the rage to exhibit the product in commercials. Whether it’s a TV ad or digital content, 3D-rendered motion graphics are now widely used to showcase a product.

Product Logo

After brand logos, we have now moved on to product logos, thanks to 3D modeling and rendering that has entirely changed how one can visualize a product. A product logo is nothing but a still 3D-rendered image which communicates all the aesthetic and feature details of the product. 3D rendered product logos are usually used on billboards and hoardings.

3D-Rendered Commercials are Time-Saving

Producing a commercial is a laborious task. From developing an insight to stretching it to a storyline, then shifting it to storyboard and finally shooting it demands painstaking manners, to say the least. Shooting actual product images in the context of the given commercial is also another challenge.

All of this has changed with product shots being produced in 3D animation studios. An expert 3D artist is now able to develop every environment, backdrop, and product angle on a virtual medium on their workstation. This tremendous convenience has definitely expedited the production time of commercials.

Lesser Cost

While cutting down the production time, 3D imaging and rendering have also reduced the budgets of product commercials. All the aforementioned reasons collectively play an integral part in reducing the cost of product commercials.

3D animation has enabled and empowered even small enterprises to develop their product commercials.  XYZ Creative Group provides various 3D services through its team of seasoned and esteemed artists. Get in touch with them if you are planning to develop a commercial for any of your product.

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