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by Norman on Dec 9, 2016 (12662 Views)

How 3D Animation Apps Are Dominating Different Aspects of Life?

With the help of a virtual reality headset, 3D animation applications are dominating different aspects of our life. In the Apple and Android app store, you can find applications that give you the ability to see a 3D environment.
You just need to purchase a virtual headset to start experiencing a 3D virtual environment. What applications should you download? Here are a few applications that give you the ability to view a 3D landscape with reasons on how they are influencing certain aspects of your life:

Google Street View

Google Street View allows you to take a virtual tour of any location. If you want to travel to a city, but you want to see if it is worth visiting, you can take a virtual tour of it first. You will run into other users while you are taking a virtual tour of your chosen destination. You can create your own photo sphere to add to the application's collection.

New York Times

Do you want to experience reading your newspaper differently? Even though the New York Times application does not let you read the entire newspaper in 3D, it does allow you to live out thrilling experiences such as climbing to the top of the World Trade Center, visiting Pluto, and seeing documentaries, which change from time to time. Perhaps, later on, newspapers may make reading the news a virtual experience. Still, it does alter the way people receive their news even if newspapers have not made their entire paper a virtual experience for readers to experience.

Virtual Reality Moon

Do you want to visit the moon? You cannot visit the moon right now, unless they pick you to visit or live there (whenever that finally happens). What you can do right now is visit the moon virtually. The Virtual Reality Moon application will transport you to the moon.
Teachers can allow their students to use the application to teach them about the moon, Earth, and the International Space Station, both which are seen from the moon. The application also allows people to move around the moon.

Orbulus Special Edition

Orbulus Special Edition allows you to travel around the world. If you ever wanted to experience Hong Kong, now, you can. Just like the first application on this list, Google Street View, you can visit certain part of the country virtually to decide if you want to experience it in reality. To choose your destination while you are in the virtual reality mode, you need to focus on the photo sphere for a few seconds. Once you are inside, all you need to do is to tilt your head to zoom in and out.

Applications that allow users to live in a 3D world than their own are making progress in application development. Moreover, certain industries such as the medical field already ask developers to make applications with 3D characters, models, and animation. They are not made available to the public, as there are made for personal use.

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