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Commercial Uses of 3D-Rendered 360 Videos

3D rendering and modeling technology has gone through tremendous progress and made massive breakthroughs. New features are constantly being added, allowing artists to realize their expansive vision in the form of 3D models. Similarly, virtual reality or VR technologies have also generated a lot of hype. Its practical application is also growing in commercial and non-commercial domains.

The groundbreaking development of 3D-rendered 360 videos has combined both technologies to offer a new creative outlet. When the 360-degree aspect of VR merges with the prowess of 3D-rendering, it produces results that are nothing short of brilliance. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that 3D-rendered 360 videos look more real than live footage.

Before we proceed to discuss the commercial uses of 3D-rendered 360 videos, it is important to understand that it is not similar to curved footage used in VR headsets to create depth perception. Instead, it illustrates an object or a visual field from all the sides (i.e. 360 degrees) that is similar to how we see things in real life.

Commercial Uses of 3D-Rendered 360 Videos

Developing 3D-rendered 360 videos is not a mean feat. Only a skillful and experienced artist can develop motion pictures that can depict a life-like 360 environment. Therefore, it is imperative to put this extensive and exhaustive 3D work to some good use. Here, we are going to discuss some commercial uses of 3D-rendered 360 videos which can help in making the most of such efforts.

Offer a Virtual Tour of Your Facility

Let’s suppose you run a gym facility and want to create a virtual tour experience for acquiring new members. One way is to make an expensive VR video and then personally reach out to people to give it a try. The other option is to smartly invest in a 3D-rendered 360 video that promotes your facility and then upload it on your social media platforms.

An experienced 3D artist can get all the nuances of a physical space right while rendering it from a 360-degree standpoint. Their craftsmanship is even able to breathe life into 2D illustrations. Users will need no extra gear to go on this virtual tour. A virtual tour through a 3D-rendered 360 video is a type of inbound marketing. So, it also gives a good ROI.

You can devise a virtual tour of any physical space at a reasonable price and with more commercial effects. Sky’s the limit with 3D-rendered 360 videos.

Product Visualization

3D-rendering is being used for product visualization for quite some time now. However, you can use 3D-rendered 360 videos to amplify its effect. These videos can provide a vivid demonstration of your product; one that covers all the angles. 

Evaluating a product by looking at its 2D stills can take a lot of time. On the other hand, a user can comprehensively assess a product within 15-20 seconds through a 3D-rendered 360 video, given that it highlights all of its features and details.

XYZ Creative Group provides expert 3D modeling and rendering services to all types of commercial ventures. The expert visual artists at the company can also create a 3D-rendered 360 video of your product or facility.

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